he's logical. always up for adventure. wants to try new things but always orders the same thing at a restaurant. fitness obsessed. always hungry. clean freak. likes zombie games and movies. always warm. gives great hugs.

she's silly. opinionated. even-keeled. loves everything with cheese on top. a cuddler. easy-going. shops too much and saves too little. likes boring movies. organized chaos. always cold. loves his hugs.

A little background info on us:

Michael and I were high school sweethearts.
 After high school I went to a local college and Michael joined the Air Force to jump start his Fire Fighting career. After boot camp he found out he'd be stationed in Alaska... if I'm being honest I was less than excited. But I'm noticing that Alaska will grow on you (...okay I'm hoping it will). After a year of a long distance relationship - him in Alaska, me in Washington-  we got married on November 5th, 2011 in the sweetest little barn. Because we were apart for so long, we're just excited to see each other's faces everyday. 

So while my hottie-bear husband does his thing up here, I will be telling you guys about being a newlywed, learning to cook, decorating a house, and just things we do on a day-to-day. I hope you will learn things as I do. 

I'm writing this blog not only to share our lives with you but also to document this fun time in our lives for us to look back on.

other things you should know about us:

-We both believe Jesus is our savior!
-Seattle is our favorite place to be
-Besides candy, being married is our favorite thing ever

Thanks for reading! We love you.