Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Opal!

My beautiful niece is turning five today and I still can't believe it. No way has it already been five years since I first held her in the hospital! We've all been pretty obsessed with her since then. Opal is, without a doubt, the smartest little girl I know. And the prettiest. And the funniest, too. Last week she started Kindergarten, so she gets to bring cupcakes to her class today! I hate how fast she's growing up and I'm not there to see it happen. So I am more excited than ever to see her in California in a week to celebrate her birthday!

as my sister would say, "have you ever seen a cuter baby?"
I love you Opie! You can stop growing now, k?


Van said...

Your niece Opal is adorable. I hope you will have a lot of fun with her when you visit. I also have an adorable niece who's 15 months.

Christi said...

Ugh. This made me cry.

But really...have you ever seen a cuter baby??

Lucie said...

Oh my gosh - for starters, the name Opal is BEAUTIFUL! Such a cutie pie :) Have a amazing time in Cali! Xx