Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Cradle list

Michael and I are not planning on having a little bundle of joy anytime soon but just in case we ever get baby fever, we decided to make a Cradle List. (like a bucket list but instead it's things we want to do before having a baby).

Everywhere. For me I'd love to go to Europe but Michael would rather go to Japan or New Zealand. Even New York because we've never been. I'm dying to go. I'm dying to have a picnic in Central Park, go see a broadway musical (even though Michael wouldn't be thrilled), go see Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and every touristy thing you can think of!

2. Move 
We made a pact that we will definitely not be adding to our family while in the Last Frontier. Why? well no offense to Alaska but Anchorage is not my number one place to raise a kid. Also, we're nowhere near our families and for some reason that scares me. AND we're only here for another year and a half or so... I think we're way too young.

3. Find my niche
Michael already has a career that he loves and will do for the rest of his life, yay! But as for me, I've yet to find my passion. I'd like to have that before becoming a mom.

4. Buy a House
Maybe it's because this would make us feel more ready, I don't know. But it's something we want to have before baby. Yes we do live in a house now, but it's military housing... I don't think it counts.

4. Do something fun/scary 
I'm afraid of heights, amongst many other fears but I'm not about to conquer my arachnophobia... ick. Heights I can probably deal with. So maybe skydiving? Bungee jumping? Something that scares us but we know will be a total thrill.

5. Take a Road Trip 
Where? I don't know. It might be a road trip from Alaska to Washington when we move. But I have a feeling we'll miss a non-hectic, relaxing road trip when we do have kids.

6. Spend all day in bed
Not like that. Okay well maybe like that for part of it. But mostly just relaxing, watching movies, enjoying the fact that we can do nothing if we want to.

7. Learn a new skill or hobby
Surfing? Dancing? The saxophone?

8. Throw an awesome house party
The awesomest. You'll all be invited.

9. Eat out at fancy restaurants 
The kind that require reservations and no jeans.

10. Be Spontaneous
With everything! Including (but not limited to) skinny dipping, Vegas, doing things where it's not the place to be doing those things if you know what I mean, hot air balloon ride, etc.
If someone says "let's do        !" We say "yes!". Because we can.

What's on your Cradle List?


his little lady said...

what a great idea!!!!! i definitely want to make one of these lists something this year ;)
xo TJ

Charlie M said...

I've never heard of a Craddle List before! And as someone who's made the trip from AK to WA twice, definitely do it! It's such a laid back trip because (compared to other highways) there are practically zero drivers on the road so you can go as fast or slow as you want. There are lots of quirky gas stations, restaurants, and hiking/camping spots. Not only that, but it's gorgeous and full of animals! :)

Allegra Villella said...

Ooh what a great idea!! My husband and I need to do this.

Elise said...

wait... are you moving??
Did you get my email? I think my mail has been acting up!

on ours, Ywam SODS and finish aviation school.. we haven't thought much beyond.. we are about ready for children but not until my school in Montana is finished!

Eskimo Kisses said...

We're not moving anytime soon, michaels orders up here end in about a year and a half. Then we'll move:)

Laura said...

What a great idea! May have to write one of these with my boyfriend.


Emily said...

Such a good idea. Some people think my husband and I are strange for not wanting a baby yet, but we're still enjoying it being just the 2 of us. I'd LOVE to go to Europe also!

katie walker said...

this is an awesome list :)
i go thru baby phases, but there are still so many things i want to do before having a baby! its nice to have a list, to remind you of the other things you want first.